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Separation system MORPH KDP
Dynamic Classifier System

The MORPH KDP® can alternatively be driven with rotating screen or KDP (KHAN·Dynamic Plus Separation) system. Patent No.CN102872936A , CN204816715U .
Variable grinding media sizes can be used without having to change the slotted pipe (screen).
Screen plugging is impossible.
No contamination caused by metal wear debris.
Significantly low pressure increase in the mill: Therefore higher throughput rates are possible.
The decrease of the grinding media size by wear during long operation is no problem.
Grinding media other than spherical shape (flint, coarse fraction of the material to be ground) (autogenous grinding) can be used.
Impurities from the product (hair, fibres, …) as well as low shares of coarse material are no problem. They are flushed out of the machine together with the product suspension and separated on the redundantly shaped external screen.
Advantages of the KDP System can be completely disassembled and is easy to clean.
The grinding system is available in steel, ZrO2, SiC / Si3N4, PU.

Type Laboratory Production MORPH KDP
KDP 10
KDP 25
KDP 60
KDP 90
Scale-up factor [-] 0.25 1 2 4 8
Volume [l] 2 10 25 62 90
Batch Size [l] 10-60 100-900 500-2000 >2000 >3000
40-200 250-1000 500-2500 1000-6000 1600-8800
Power [kW] 11 18.5-22 37-45 75-90 90-110

PUHLER Grinding systens



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